Our New Album 'Sikh Katleaam-1984' is Available For Download on All Digital Stores

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
Dear Khalsa Ji,
Sikh Katleaam 1984

                       You will be more than happy to know that our new album 'Sikh Katleaam - 1984' has been released and available for Download on all Online Digital Stores. This album is about the Grief History of 'Operation Blue Star' or 'Saka Neela Tara'. The album is a tribute to great Saint 'Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala' and other martyrs of 1984 attack. The album contains songs(Dhadi Wars) and Lecture about the 'Operation Blue Star - 84'. Lecture contains details about the Actions-Reactions of Indra Gandhi and Central Government against Sikhs.
                     The lecture of Bibi Balwinder Kaur Khehra is full of energy and strength. The music is fast and like a wake up call to youth. So our youth will not forget the Sacrifices of great martyrs. Below is a video of one Dhadi Vaar. You can watch that video on Youtube for free. And if you like this album, then you can get original copy of Album from Digital Stores like iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. The links to album are also given to Digital Stores.

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                   After listening to this album, Please provide your feedback to us. So we can provide better content and music to you in future. As you know 'To Err is Human' , there may be mistakes in this Album, So Kindly let us know about them , so we can minimize them. You can give us your feedback by commenting on Khehra Dhadi Jatha's Officail Blog, by Commenting or messaging on Facebook Page or by reviewing our album on respective Store's website.
Hope you Like our Work.
Thanks For Letting Us Do This..This all is possible with the Blessings of God and People like You.

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