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Guru Harkrishan JiCongratulations to all Sikhs on Birthday of Eighth Guru Shri Guru Hari Krishan Ji. Parkash Purab is coming on 23 July. 
        Guru Harkridhan was the eighth Guru of Sikhs. They got Guru Gadi from their Father,Seventh Guru "Shri Guru Har Rai Ji." at the age of only Five. They are the only one in the Sikh History who got Guru Gadi at such little age. But they have found the God and real truth in such small age. Their age was small, but their thinking level was very high. They always think for the good of humanity.

       Har Krishan became Guru on October 20, 1661 at Sunday. At this the elder brother of Guru Har Krishan Ji, Ram Rai full of jealousy and he reported it to Mughal Emperor "Aurungzeb". Badshah ordered Raja Jai Singh to carry Young Guru in front of him. Raja Jai Singh comes to Guru Ji to take them to court.But Guru Ji was not ready to go with him,On the requests of other Sikhs and Raja Jai Singh, Guru ji agreed to go with him.
      In the way,Guru ji was showed great power of God. A hindu Pandit "Lal Chand" questioned Guru Ji about the meanings of Gita. With the blessings of Guru Ji, A Water carrier named "Chajju Ram" that was illiterate explained the meanings. While Pandit Lal Chand listen them, He bow down his head in front of Guru Ji and became sikh and after that he also escorted Guru ji ti Kurukashetra. Their are also many other stories present in the Sikh History which tells us about the mental power of Guru Ji.
      In these days a disease of Cholera and smallpox was broken out in whole city. Instead of doing pooja of Mata, Guru ji advised people to take medicines. Guru ji himself included in the sewa of Such Poor and suffering peoples. They do care of Patients of smallpox without any fear. On this some Muslims of that area also liked Guru ji very much and give a short name "Bala Peer" to Guru Ji.

      While caring suffering peoples from smallpox Guru Ji himself attacked by fever and smallpox. Therefore they laid down on bed for some day. They told that the next Guru is in Baba Bakala, it turns out that was the Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, grand uncle of Guru Harkrishan Ji.
    At the end Guru ji wished nobody should mourn him. Thus Guru Ji left their mortal body Speaking "Waheguru" till the death at March 30, 1664 or Chet Sudi 14, 1721 Bikrami Sammat.

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