A brief Summary of life of Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh Ji | Give a Salute to Distinctive Martyr Bhai Taru Singh

"Martyrs do not underrate the body, they allow it to be elevated on the cross. In this they are at one with their antagonists."
   Bhai Taru Singh was a One of Great Martyrs, Who sacrifice his life to save the Sikhi. His Shaheedi is very different from others. His scalp was removed from his head with Axe. So we can guess that How brave and Contented he was.
           Bhai Taru was born in Village Pahoola. When he was child, His father was dead. His mother was full of Gurmukh Values and She done same with her Child. She teach him every lesson of Sikhi and tell him that no one is foreign or strange. All are mens of God, So we should help every people that is in need of that. Bhai Taru Singh take these Words of his mother in his heart and follow them. Now to serve the needy is become a part of his life.

       At the time of Governor Zakaria Khan, It was ordered to kill Singhs wherever they seen. So most Singhs went to Deserts, Hills etc. Some times when they come,they take stay in the House of Bhai Taru Singh. Bhai Taru Singh serve them food.
         One Day, A Muslim fisherman "Raheem Bakash" came to his house for night stay. Bhai Taru Singh serve him what he have. In night time He shared his grief to Bhai Taru Singh. He said that his daughter was forcibly taken away by the Commander of Patti. He said that when He went to Governor to Complain about the Commander of Patti, Then the Governor throw him out of the court. No one listen to his grief. Bhai Taru Singh said that The Governor may not listen his complaint, But it is listened  by Singhs. He told him to goto his House and his daughter will arrive soon.
        After Some time,when a group of Singhs came to stay at the House of Bhai Mani Singh. He told them about the complaint of "Raheem Bakash". That group of Singhs raided Patti and his daughter sent back to him. In this war the Commander of Patti was killed. The head of the village reported about secrecy of Bhai Taru Singh to the Governor Zakaria Khan. The governor sent his Army to arrest Bhai Taru Singh. Bhai Taru Singh also serve them "Langar" and then go with them.
         Governor said to Bhai Taru Singh that His all mistakes will be pardoned if he accept Muslim religion and Cut off his hair. Bhai Taru Singh Replied,"I shall keep my faith with these hair and You will be controlled by my Shoes and then you will die." He becomes so much angry.He invited Barber to cut Bhai Sahib's Hair. And it is said that hair becomes like iron and Barber can't cut them. Then He invited a cobbler and ordered him to cut the scalp of Bhai Taru Singh with his Axe. After that Bhai Sahib was thrown into a ditch.
      After that, in the evening time, the Governor can't pass his urine. All specialists done their best, but there was no effect on the governor. Then governor sent Bhai Subheg  singh to the Head of "Dal Khalsa" to seek pardon. The head of Dal Khalsa said that his Urine can pass if his head will hit with Shoe of Bhai Taru Singh, But he will Die before Bhai Taru Singh.
    And the Sayings of Sikh fulfilled. When the governor's head was hit with Bhai Taru Singh's Shoe then he can pass his urine. But he dead before Bhai Taru Singh at July 1,1745.  When Bhai Taru Singh was informed about the Death of Governor "Zakaria Khan" ,then they gave up this mortal body.
      So give a Salute to Great Shaheed "Bhai Taru Singh Ji" on their upcoming Shaheedi Divas on 16 July.
Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

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