31 July | The Day of Martyrdom of Sardar Udham Singh (A Great Martyr of Punjab)

Shaheed Udham Singh

          Now we are living in a Country named "India". Now we got liberty. Now we are free to do anything what we want. But ever we think How we got this freedom. We got this freedom on 15 August, 1947 and we got this because of Martyrs, who sacrifices their lives for the sake of country, for the sake of truth and for the sake of us. Some of which are : Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha and Shaheed Udham Singh.
          The "Udham Singh" is the one of respectful name from them. I am sure if you will read about his Childhood and his struggle,you will must start weeping. Because his life was full of struggle and sufferings, but even then i never loss heart and have done a Great Job For all Indians.

         Udham Singh was born on December 26, 1899 in the house of  Tehal Singh.His Mother's Name was "Mata Narain Kaur". Udham Singh's childhood's name was Sher Singh. His elder brother's name was Mukta Singh. Udham Singh's Father Tehal Singh was a Railway Crossing Watchman at the Near Village. When Udham Singh was of 6-7, his mother was dead. Then Tehal Singh have to care for both Children. Then Tehal Singh met to his friend "Chanchal Singh", Who was the "Raagi" at Shri Harminder Sahib, Amritsar. He advised Tehal Singh to come in the Guruduara and Take a job of Sewadar, Thus he will care his children without doing any hard work. Therefore Tehal Singh went to Amritsar with his two children. But as the bad luck would have it, Tehal Singh became Sick at the arriving and dead due to not getting the medicine at proper time. Now Udham Singh and His elder Brother Left alone in the World. They were admitted to Khalsa Orphanage at Amritsar. Both brothers got new names in Orphanage, Sher Singh become Udham Singh and Mukta Singh become Sadhu Singh. But after sometime, The elder Brother Mukta Singh also dead and Now Udham Singh left alone in the World.
           Then Udham Singh passed his Matriculation and left the orphanage.He was present at that incident, When General Harry Daywer. Udham Singh's heart get hurt and he took swear to take revenge. Then he done many works at different names. Sometimes he was arrested by Police and also sent to jail. He was the Big follower of "Sardar Bhagat Singh". He told that Bhagat Singh is as is Guru.
          Udham Singh went to London, England after staying for sometime in Kashmir. Then "The great Moment was come for which Udham Singh was waiting from 21 years. That was the day of March 13, 1940 at London (Caxton Hall) and the time was about 4:30 pm. When Sir Michel O'Dawyer come to stage, Udham Singh Fired 5 shots on his and one on Lord Zetland from his Pistol. Michel O'Dawyer fall on the ground and dead. After that Udham Singh didn't try to run out. He kept standing with the pistol in his hand and told that "He have fulfilled his dream and have done what he wanted to do" Then Police arrested him.
         After that Police started a case on Udham Singh and during this time they sent him to many Jails. At last on 16 July, 1940 Judge ordered him the punishment of Death. On July 31, 1940, In a jail of London Udham Singh was Hanged.
         This was a brief story of "A Great Mertyr Saheed Udham Singh" . He was a great man who struggled so much in his life. He was left alone by all his family members, even then he made possible such great dead. We should learn moral from his life. Now we got the liberty, but we are still slaves of misconceptions, we are slaves of bad thoughts, we are slaves of meaningless rites. We can't think freely, before doing any work we think about world, What will people say if i'll do it? We never think that what will i think?
So Believe in Yourself. Do that work in which you are interested. And then live on it and let every part of your  body to contribute to that work. Forget about Relations, forget the world and keep your mind on your target. Remember, You should see only the eye (that is your destination), not anything else. If you'll remember that words then success will come to you and as a result Development will come to our Country .

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